Play Anno 1800 and found an Admirable History of Game Development / by Legolas Wang

I played a lot of games, and I learnt board game design and 3D game design at school. I’m determined to be a game designer in a foreseeable future. Despite that background, I called myself a soft-core player, as I don’t like to continuously play a game for too long like many hardcore player.

Over the years, I fall in love with some of the greatest game like RCT: World, Don’t Starve Together, Elder Scroll Online, Simcity 5, to name but a few. I never tried Anno. Or to say, I tried Anno 2205 but was quickly quit because I don’t like the repetitiveness of the buildings.

Just a few days ago, I encountered Anno 1800. And after invested 39 hours out of two days with bare sleep and starvation. I would say it's absolutely one of the best game I ever played. Thus I did a lot of search about who designed this game and the technology force pushing this title forward.

Yes, I wrote this short blog just want to save this article Why Anno is indestructible by

Sebastian Weber.