(Deep Sea Game) Game Trailer Video Editing / by Legolas Wang

Game trailer, is supposed to be fun and engaging. That is what’ in my mind when editing this trailer. It should not be a boring begin to end gameplay recording, but rather, it should be the essence. What do you want to convey to your audience? I asked this question to myself.

The answer is the core of the gameplay. More specifically, what do you want the game to be when designing the game. You focus and emphasis on those elements. Using the example of the Deep Sea, the emphasis when designing this game is on the audio narrative and feedback. Thus, I took this into consideration and focus on make it shines. The audio clips is edited to show the actual feeling of the game, with multiple editing techniques to cut down the boring wandering around parts.

The video, in some stages, are ramped up if the gameplay is repetitive. You do not want to throw the same things to your audience over and over again if its the same. In my eye, at the time of you promoting your game, you should value your audience’s time a lot. Make a great use of the time, and make it appealing.